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What are cookies

This website uses cookies. As clarified by the Privacy Guarantor in the FAQs of December 2012, available on, cookies are "small text files" - consisting of letters and numbers - "that the sites visited by the user send to its terminal (usually at browser), where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites at the next visit by the same user ”. Cookies are intended to streamline the analysis of web traffic or to indicate when a specific site or part of it is visited, to distinguish between visitors in order to provide personalized content, and help administrators improve the site and the browsing experience of the users themselves. Through cookies we cannot access other information stored on your device, even if this is where cookies are downloaded. Cookies cannot load codes of any kind, carry viruses or malware and are not harmful to the user's terminal. Below you can find all the information on the cookies installed through this site, and the necessary information on how to manage your preferences in this regard.


User consent

By connecting for the first time to any page of this website, the user will see a summary report on the use of cookies. By closing this information using the appropriate button, the user consents to our use of cookies, according to the methods described in this Cookie Policy. The site remembers the choice made by the user, therefore the brief information will not be repeated in subsequent connections from the same device. However, the user always has the possibility to revoke the consent already expressed, in whole or in part. If you encounter technical problems related to consent, please contact us through the appropriate channels provided by this site to allow us to assist you.


What types of cookies we use

Type Description
Session cookies They are essential for the proper functioning of our site and allow the user to browse and view the contents. Their eventual deactivation would cause the site to malfunction. Typically, cookies of this type are necessary, for example, to keep a browsing session open or to allow the user to access any restricted areas. Or again, they can temporarily remember the texts inserted during the compilation of a form, when you return to a previous page during the same session. This type of cookie is destroyed every time the browser is closed
Persistent cookies We need them to remember some choices made by the user, once the browser is closed they are not destroyed but remain up to a preset expiration date in order not to oblige the user again to make the same choice


How to configure your terminal

If you do not agree with the installation of cookies, the user must configure the browser to disable the receipt of cookies or not to use this site. By disabling cookies, however, the site or some of its functions may not work properly. To change the way cookies are used, to block the receipt of cookies or even to delete cookies on your terminal, simply enter your browser settings. Most browsers provide the ability to accept or reject all cookies or accept only some (for example, from specific sites).